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Chaplain's Chat

Our chaplain, Di Sanders, from time to time produces an article that contains information that might be of interest to all. Click here for her latest update where Di offers some suggestions to help us get through these current times in the best way possible.

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Innovative Chinese Language Lessons

This year we have arranged for innovative Chinese (Mandarin) lessons for our Year 3, 4 and 5 students. Using the My Chinese Teacher programme, a native Chinese teacher is streamed live into the classroom and conducts an interactive lesson with students.

Canteen Lunch Ordering Online

The school canteen, run by a committee under the auspices of the P&C, provides nutritious, healthy and affordable lunches and snacks for our students. To make ordering quick and easy they have arranged an online ordering system which can be accessed here.

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Kiss and Drive

The Kiss and Drive area at the front of school is designed to provide a speedy and safe way to pick up and drop off students. To help delineate it from on street parking it is clearly marked. Our recently updated brochure is available under the Publications tab.

Our School App

We are always endeavouring to provide our parents and carers with the very best in communication tools. To this end our Department of Education endorsed app uses the latest in technology. Having School Star on your phone means that you will never miss another message form the school again.

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Automatic Absence Notification System

We have installed the Department of Education's automatic absence notification system using SMS. The parent/carer of any student who has an unexplained absence before 10.30am will receive an SMS asking for the absence to be explained.  

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The Fathering Project

A Fathering Project School Group has been established at our school. Their aim is to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to engage positively with their children.

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P&C Webpage

The P&C webpage has received a much needed update. Follow the links from the Parents tab above or click here.

Digital Wellbeing

In today's environment, parents often wonder about the effect of handheld devices on young children. Screen-time, the amount of time a child uses a screen - handheld device, computer or TV - is a hot topic for all of us.

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Parents as Partners

The Department of Education has established a website which provides all parents/carers with some outstanding resources to help you support your child through public education. Click here.  

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