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As an independent public school, Edgewater Primary School has a school board consisting of parent, staff and community members. The role of the board is essentially that of involvement in the governance of the school. This means taking part in the shaping and monitoring of the school's vision, objectives, priorities and general policy directions.

The board does not have a role in school management. This is the responsibility of the principal and involves educational leadership and the day-to-day administration, supervision and control of the school and its staff.

The board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school.

The role of the school board is outlined in the School Education Act 1999. In essence, this is one of setting the long term future goals for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school's operation. It is not about running the school - that is the job of the principal. It is about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the outcomes for its students.


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School Board Members

Rebecca Wright

Parent Representative and Chairperson
I have two children at Edgewater Primary School. I joined the School Board in 2016, as my children’s education and wellbeing is very important to me, and I feel I can make a positive contribution.

I am also involved with the P&C.

Edgewater Primary School is a great school with dedicated staff and teachers and a great community and I am proud to be part of it.

Kim Perkins Principal

Kim Perkins 


Leah Beltran

Parent Representative 

My eldest daughter started Edgewater Kindergarten in 2014 and at the start of 2016 I joined the P&C committee. In the second half of 2016, a position on the school board became available and I was excited at the prospect of increasing my role within the school. I am still an active member of the P&C and I am currently serving on the fundraising committee.

Within the school board, I saw an opportunity to evolve communication with all parts of the school community. I am currently the communication representative on the board, which has allowed me to get involved in transitioning the school to different methods of connecting with parents and others.

 I’ve felt privileged to be a part of shaping the school and I’m looking forward to continuing my involvement with the school community.

  Claire Humfrey Parent Representative
  Jayston Koi Parent Representative
  Rhianna Stone Parent Representative
  Scott Jerome Parent Representative

Sue Sugg

Staff Representative 

I joined the Edgewater Primary School staff in 2011 after teaching for many years in the country across a variety of year levels. I am currently teaching Year 4 four days per week, and I am the Learning Support Coordinator one day per week. Edgewater’s School Vision of aspirational, confident and respectful learners allows for the complete development of all students, and I am proud to part of the School Board as we strive to enhance the opportunities for all students.


Gail Baily

Staff Representative

The role of the Edgewater Primary School Board is vital in achieving our vision for our school. I have taught in the country and the city, teaching Years 3–7 as well as specialist Music. In addition to my role as a classroom teacher, I spend one day a week as the Pastoral Care Coordinator. In this role I am passionate about addressing the social and emotional needs of our school community. With over 30 years teaching experience at Edgewater Primary School and more than 20 years as a member of the school’s decision making groups, I am proud and excited to be working with the board members as we continue to strive to provide quality education for every child in an ever changing world.

Ken Travers
Community Representative


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