Edgewater Primary School places great importance on sustainable processes and practices within our school and the local community.

Our aim is to raise our students' awareness of environmental issues and empower them to make a difference as good global citizens. As a result, the school has implemented a number of initiatives and programmes in order to make a real impact on our environment.


Sustainablity Team

To help drive the school towards a culture of sustainability, a team consisisting of parents, staff and the chaplain, has been established. This group guides and supports the following sustainablity initiatives.
General Paper Recycling

Purpose built paper recycling mini wheelie bins have been placed in each classroom and cardboard recycling bins are next to each printer. These are regularly emptied into our bulk paper recycling bin.

Water Wise and Waste Wise 

Edgewater Primary School is an accredited Water Wise and Waste Wise school. As such we provide teaching and learning expereiences to educate our students about water conservation and reducing the waste going to landfill as part of our respect and care for our environment.

Solar Panels

There are over 90 solar PV panels installed on the roof of the Early Childhood Centre to reduce our reliance on

PV solar panels


 grid power and provide opportunities for students to monitor the

 electricity that is generated and then compare with total electricity used by the school.

Small Battery Recycling
Together with the City of Joondalup, we collect for recycling small domestic batteries. Send them to the office in a ziplock bag for easy disposal.


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