To enrol at Edgewater Primary School there are a number of eligibility requirements that must be fullfilled. The Department of Education's Schools and You website has valuable information to help parents/carers with the application and enrolment processes for their children.

Download, print and complete the following application form and drop it in at the school office. You will also need to bring with you a birth certificate or birth extract or passport, along with your copy of the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register Immunisation History.


Starting School? Moving to a new School? Brochure (gives details of obtaining the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register) 

Application For Enrolment K-Year 6

Personal Items Lists K-6 - Booklists

Student Health Forms


Student health care needs and reducing health risks are important to everyone at Edgewater Primary School. If your child has a health condition which may require assistance please complete, sign and return one or more of the specific health care forms below. It is vital that the school is aware of medical and mental health conditions (even minor conditions) to ensure our First Aid Officers can assess circumstances correctly as they arise.


For conditions not covered by a specific form, the Generic Health Care Form or a plan provided by a medical practitioner can be used. These forms provide an overview of your child’s health care needs; information for use in a medical emergency; and ensure that any medication and equipment you provide for your child is up-to-date and in good working order. Please ensure you select the correct health from below and attach to your child’s enrolment application. If you are unsure which form to complete, contact Administration on 6207 3200.


You may wish to meet with staff to discuss your child’s health care plan, particularly if they will require training to support them. Health care plans for serious conditions require a medical practitioner’s signature - it is important to arrange this as soon as possible. The School will then:

  • Review the plan(s) to ensure the school is able to provide the necessary support;
  • Arrange staff training if required to support your child;
  • Ensure plans are implemented, monitored and reviewed annually;
  • Manage the confidentiality of your child’s health care information; and
  • Provide appropriate storage for medication and health equipment.

For all medical conditions, please advise School Administration immediately if an existing plan needs to be changed or a new plan developed.


Click Here for Form 1 Student Health Care Summary

Click Here for Form 2 Generic Health Care Plan

Click Here for Form 3 Administration of Medication

Click Here for Form 8 Asthma Management

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