Vision and Beliefs

Our Vision

The school's vision has been placed in all classrooms to remind us all that it is to be reflected in every aspect of the day to day operations and management of our school. For students, it helps them to appreciate that this a team effort and we are all working for the same outcomes.

In 2013, following extensive consultation and collaboration with staff, students and the school community, our vision was established and can be condensed into three words:

             Aspire       Confidence        Respect


In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to creating an environment where students have the opportunity and desire to become aspirational, confident and respectful learners.


 Students who are aspirational:

  • Identify and set goals for the future
  • Are inspired to work toward these goals

Students who have confidence:

  • Face challenges competently
  • Expect to achieve success
  • Can recover from adversity

Students who are respectful:

  • Take responsibility for themselves and each other
  • Take responsibility for their environment
  • Work collaboratively with others

Our Beliefs

At Edgewater Primary School we believe:

  • We are a learning community with the common goal of fostering the physical, emotional, social and cognitive domains of every child;
  • All stakeholders share responsibility for learning by promoting the knowledge of the community and the well-being of all;
  • Within the school environment everyone has the right to feel safe, secure and valued;
  • Everyone has the right to engage in positive learning activities;
  • All children have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach;
  • Successful children and staff are aspirational, confident and respectful.

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