Keeping Students Safe on the Internet

Keeping our students safe at school is one of our major priorities and includes keeping them safe in the cyberworld of the Internet as well.

Early childhood students (Pre-primary to Year 3) have been using Hector's World and the older students have been involved with a programme called Budd:e in order to help them to remain safe both at school and at home when using the Internet. To this end, all students from Pre-primary to Year 6 are involved in online programmes at the beginning of the year to raise awareness of the issue and to equip them with the skills necessary to be safe online. 

More great fun activities to help keep children safe on the Internet are available here and on the Office of Children's eSafety website

For more information on cyberbullying and what to do if your child is being cyberbullied, the Federal Government's Stay Smart Online website has some great information.




Children are the greatest beneficiaries of the digital era and are learning to navigate the online world at a younger and younger age.  However exploring the world wide web is not without risk.

When interacting in an online environment children need to be educated on what to do if they are exposed to age-inappropriate content; encounter cyber bullying; or when they might be putting their privacy at risk.


The eSmart Digital Licence has been designed for use in environments where children learn and play, to support and celebrate digital inclusion and online knowledge for the whole community – at home, at school, and at the library.

Through a series of quizzes, students learn how to keep themselves safe in an online world.



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