Gifted and Talented Secondary Programmes

Applications are now open for Year 5 students in 2019 to apply for entry into these programmes as a Year 7 in 2021. Run at selected public secondary schools, these academic, arts and languages programmes will challenge, inspire and empower children to excel every day.

Your child can discover a world of opportunities in our Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs. 

Your child will study with other exceptionally able students in learning environments that will challenge, inspire and empower them to excel every day.

They will follow a curriculum designed specifically for their needs and will have access to universities, industry bodies and mentoring programs as well as the opportunity to take part in competitions at national and international levels.

Programs are offered at 22 select public secondary schools, including a fully selective academic school, an arts college, a regional school and an online program for country students. This year, applications open for entry into new Gifted and Talented academic programs in 2021 at Ellenbrook Secondary College and Harrisdale Senior High School, giving your family even more options.

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Guidelines for Parents for 2021 Placement
Parent Presentation for 2021 Placement


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