Chaplain's Chat

Our chaplain, Di Sanders, from time to time produces an article that contains information that might be of interest to all. Click here for her latest update where Di offers some suggestions to help us get through these current times in the best way possible.

In this March edition, Di focuses on our children's emotions and how to acknowledge these in a manner that promotes calmness and helps them to know that their feelings are actually normal. 
Di has a link to an excellent article that offers some great advice for working through these emotions and allowing children to be real with their feelings.
Parents and carers will also take heart from the information given at the end of the article where we are all advised that the things we ‘should’ be doing have to fall behind what we ‘need’ to be doing.

The article has a wonderful quote which summarises what these times are all about and offers support on what it's like in reality -

‘You see, it’s like seatbelts. We don’t wear seatbelts because we expect something terrible to happen, but to keep us safe if something should happen. We’re really lucky to have things that help keep us safe.’

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