Bushfire Awareness

Edgewater Primary School is in a designated Bushfire Zone Area and is listed on the Bushfire Zone Register. 
On Thursday 26 September we were privileged to have the Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Services visit our school when students presented some of their Bushfire Awareness projects.

The Commissioner's visit coincided with Bushfire Awareness week where our students were involved in many projects to raise their awareness of what a bushfire is and the damage it can do. Activities ranged from students in Year 5 writing and illustrating booklets for younger students to Year 6 designing a bushfire warning system to all students in Visual Arts lessons preparing a bushfire scene.
Our risk rating of moderate on the Bushfire Zone Register indicates that we are to prepare a Stand-alone Bushfire Plan which has been published on our website.
The school has in place the highest levels of safeguards required by the Department of Education and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to ensure the safety of all staff and students in the event of a bushfire that might threaten the school.
If a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating (FDR) is declared for the City of Joondalup, our school may be required to invoke a pre-emptive closure.
Parents and carers will be kept up to date through our app, School Star, and SMS messages.

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