Our Students Go to University

Each child is issued with a Passport to Learning in which the hours of each activity are recorded. Credits are accumulated, and when they reach the hours needed to graduate from CU ECU, children are awarded with certificates at a formal graduation ceremony which will be held in high profile locations on the ECU campus. 
CUA is child-directed in that each individual chooses to be involved and picks what they would like to participate in. Children are encouraged to explore and discover new ideas, concepts and experiences via Public and Restricted Learning Destinations. Organisations wishing to become a Learning Destination must have their activities validated by CU ECU before becoming involved. The activities are practical, fun based and voluntary and range from after-school clubs (Restricted Learning Destinations), to museums, community activities, theatres, parks and galleries...the list is endless!

More information can be found on their website - Childrens University Australasia

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