Positive Parenting Seminars

The final in our series of three free seminars on Positive Parenting for parents of children 0 to 12 years will be held on Wednesday 31 July from 6:30 to 8pm. The topic being discussed will be Raising Resilient Children.
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This free stand alone seminar will be held in the Meeting Room in Cluster 2. A supervised creche will also be available. 
This seminar will not tell you how to be a parent. It will suggest a range of simple strategies and you choose the ones that might fit your family. This third seminar, Raising Resilient Children, will help parents/carers learn how to teach their children to:
  1. Recognise and accept feelings
  2. Express feelings appropriately
  3. Build a positive outlook
  4. Develop coping skills
  5. Deal with negative feelings
  6. Deal with stressful life events

Teachers every where are noticing an increase in the number of students who are presenting with anxiousness. Not only is this distressing for their parents/carers, it can be limiting in the academic and social develop of the student. Helping children to be resilient in today's society is critical to their future development and to them achieving their potential.

The school works in partnership with parents and carers to help students get the very best out of their primary school education. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how to help your children become more resilient. Register now to attend this final workshop in our Positive Parenting Seminar series. 

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